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Celebrity Death..... Note?

So I'm up late because I can't sleep. Thinking about celebrity deaths.
I've heard of Ed Macmahn, but never really seen him. I'm sure his fans will miss him dearly. RIP Ed
Farrah Fawcet was in Charlies Angels. Of course I've heard of her. She died of cancer I believe. Weird. My mom Is a cancer pharmacist, so the disease is what keeps her in business. This always bothers me when someone dies of it. RIP Farrah
Who hasn't heard of Jacko? I mean, really? He's the king of pop. I know MJ really made some mistakes. yes, he's an odd bird and yes, he probably did what he was accused if, but with the media you knever know. Michael Jackson changed pop music forever. Without him, music videos might not have ever gotten as popular. I was not, and am not, a big fan, but as a human being, I'd like to remember people not for their mistakes, but for the good things they've done. RIP Michael Jackson
Now here's the one that shocked me, pissed me off then made me sad. Billy Mays,. A lot have twittered "who?" Billy was the spokes person for OxiClean. Why should we care about a detergent guy? Because he made the product appealing. He's memorable. He's Billy Mays for gods sake! His shouting was amazing. Whenever one of his commercials comes on now, I find myself sad. I loved that crazy bearded guy. Weird how smosh made a video of him then he died not too long after... Anywho, RIP Billy
Who's next? Is there someone out there with a magical notebook with the power to kill someone as long as you have a name and a face? Did I only say that because I needed to get it out of my system? Yes. Maybe niw I can sleep.
Rest in peace, celebrities. And godspeed.

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So My Dreams Are Always This Weird

Kay so I've been having weird dreams lately. Here's last night. Can anyone tell me what this means?!

I went with my dad to this old west restaurant and it had a gift shop and there were plushies for i think Fruits Basket and Code Geass now that I think about it (doesn't make sense cuz i remember my friend Mio saying "Plushie smut" and I don't have any yaoi pairings in those two... weird) and I bought like three big plushies, two small plushies, a few figures, a bunch of medium plushies and a CD. While we were at the old west restaurant I got on the computer and then it turned into my house andJim knocked on the door and my mom went and answered it and he was getting stuff and I was just like "please god don't let him hug me" and he didn't and I was outside and his truck was purple and he came out and said "That was easy" and drove off. Then it was the last day of school but it was totally different than the real last day of school and we got on to the busses and for some reason Brian was on my bus with Chris and then Chris made a bet with him that he couldn't get me to throw two bright  shoes out a window and Shane Dawson was doing something with a tape recorder so I went back to him to see what was going on and then it came to my stop but it wasn't my neighborhood and Taylor and Carly were there and so were Brian and Chris and the four from the group and we were Skyping at the same time and we did this game were we were fish in this pond thing and omg I don't even know. At the end we were making another bet having to do with some sparkly fish, but I woke up.


Writer's Block: All-Nighter

When was the last time you stayed up all night? What were you doing?
The last time I stayed up all night, I actually got off the computer at midnight. It was the day we left to go to my grandma's house. I'm still there now. I watched America's Next Top Model from a few seasons ago cuz I tivo'd it. Then around two or three I actually decided to go to sleep. I lied down (screw grammer) and put my music on. Listening to the sounds of Vocaloid usually help me go to sleep, but that night, it kept me up. Around 04:30, I decided to just screw it and wake up. After watching the rest of Top Model, I searched through some other stuff on my Tivo. That's when the Saturday morning cartoons came on. Now, when I found this, I got super excited. KIRBY RIGHT BACK ATCHA. It's Kirby! Of course I Tivo'd it! Then I saw the henous logo: 4kids. Oh well, maybe it wouldn't be that b-- SCREW IT IT WAS GODDAMN AWFUL. Around 6 I couldn't take my hunger any more and went down and got two bagles. My mom woke up laterer suprised to find me up. I told her I was still up. We left around 9 and got a lot of coffee. Yay.

Because this was fun

Hetalia- YOUR life! (from school to death) by NinjaGirl3194
Your country of origin
Your best friend isGreece
You have a crush onN-Italy
You hatePrussia
You get bullied byEstonia
You are scared ofPoland
You go out with for 5 secondsRussia
You get a confession fromN-Italy
You get in a fist fight withFinland
You had a one night stand withChina
Your first boyfriend isGermany
Everybody graduates butTurkey
You marryHong Kong
Your first kid name isCharlotte
You get in a dispute withLatvia
You get out of the dispute with the help ofJapan
You have an affair withCanada
You get caught byAmerica
The chances of them telling
Your husband finds out about the affair, he feelsLonely
You two get divorced, you drown your sorrows withBelarus
The percentage of you two doing a one night stand
You move in withHungry
You start having feelings forLatvia
You get a confession fromChina
The percentage of you excepting their feelings
You say no, they then go out withAmerica
The percentage of you like them two together
You get ambushed byCuba
The chances of you getting out of their alive
You unxpecting get glomped byEstonia
You are lonely, you get aDrink of beer
Drunk, you kissFrance
Percentage of how much they liked the kiss
You have a huge war againstGermany
Your chances of winning
You die byFrance raep
The only person not to go to your funeral isFrance
This person is the most devestated by your deathS-Italy
This person is teh most happiest taht you diedLatvia
This person is teh master mind of your deathAustria
Who you liked your life

Summer Part 1

About going to sleep, um... no. I'm too awake to do that
Let's do a little recap of my summer so far:
So um.. yea! My mom and my stepdad got a divorce! YAY!!!! No sarcasm intended! I was done with him since they got married like 6 years ago! He made my mom stressed and unhappy. HIm and Emma took over the house and my mom and I have pretty much lived in our respective rooms for a year and a half. FUN, FUN.
That's why I'm so glad. We're reclaiming our house. Which involves.... a lot of cleaning. More on that later
After school was over, I took Mello to Chicago! We saw the pirate thing at the Field Museum and plenty of the animals. It was quite fun. Then we rode back to Peoria with my grandparents and went bowling for my birthday, meeting up with the rest of The Group. Lyra came too! I was happy! Then we ate and such and played with frosting. And when I opened Sarah, Nika and Shino's gift, I freakin' cried. I don't think my family really got why I was crying, but I had my reasons. The gift was this: a DVD of the first 17 episodes of Axis Powers Hetalia. Okay, no biggie. But the card was what got me. It was simple. Belarus with a knife saying "Happy Birthday Neechan" IN FUCKING RUSSIAN! On the inside it said "Have a slashing good birthday!" IN FUCKING RUSSIAN. IT WAS SO AMAZING I FEEL THAT I MUST BOLD AND UNDERLINE THESE WORDS! Then the cover of the DVD was SPECTACULAR. It was Hong Kong, Korea, Russia, Latvia and China and a watercolored back ground. I cried. It was so freaking amazing. I love my friends so fucking much :')
After the best birthday of my life, I went to my grandma's house for a week of boredom. I think it was a week, but it seemed much longer. The hilight of these times is what I will talk about. My friend Lea's birthday party. Lea, Abby and I have known each other since we were babies. Charlotte, one of Lea's friends, was at her birthday party. This is an important detail. Coincidentally, Lea and I have the same birthday only a year apart. I don't get to see these two much because they live so far away from where I live now. Lea's party was a week after mine. So when we got there, I expected to pop in, say hi, ask to spend the night (obligatory) and get shot down by parents, then go home and talk to my friendsies. HOWEVER, it being summer, I was not shot down. I just had to go back to my grandma's and get my stuff. So we left, came back and went downstairs to Lea's room. They had randomly put on dresses, and decided to randomly put me in one too. FUN FUN? Not so much. Then we did each others make up, which I thought was pretty funny. Abby kept screwing Lea's up. Now, I remember this conversation the most. Charlotte came up to Lea and started whispering to her. Lea got a shocked expression.
"So what do you think I should do? Should I sit close, because that's kinda bad, but if I sit far away then that looks bad!" Charlotte said. There are only girls at this party. Charlotte's bi, though. (Don't get me wrong, I love gay people, this was just... odd)
My first thought was "Out of me and Abby who the fuck does this chick not want to sit close to but want to sit close to?!" But, I pushed this to the back of my mind and tried to enjoy the party. When it got dark, we decided to watch The Exorcist  because no one but Charlotte had seen it. When we were done, Charlotte and Abby literally shoved me out the room to go pick out a movie with Lea. I just wanted to fuckin' stay downstairs, kay? Not to sound racist, but I'm a skinny ass white girl. This house is in the ghetto. When I go upstairs from the basement where Lea's room is, there's a corridor that has doors. One goes outside, one to Lea's house and one to upstairs where this other guy lives. The door to outside was open. Lea's dad kinda scares me. I mean, he's nice and all, but he yells and he's a big guy. I don't want to go to Lea's house cuz I wasn't sure if Lea was there or not, so I paced the corridor with two dogs. After glancing outside and hearing a police siren in the distance, I decided to take my chances downstairs alrhough I was pretty sure of what the hell was going on down there. I go down the steps. This basement... well let's just say, it's not the BEST place to be after watching the Exorcist late at night. Lea's door is open a crack. I peak through. There's Charlotte, this bi girl i've just met, and there's Abby, this girl I've known since before we were born, kissing. I stifle a laugh and push open the door.
Abby and Charlotte both jump. "SHIT! Were you there the whole time?!" Charlotte yelled. You're going upstairs! She pushed me up again.
"I didn't-- I was just-- I did go up there, I--" I tried to stammer. The two ended up coming up with me. Abby was totally silent.
For our second feature, we chose Resident Evil. Good movie, might I add? Reminds me of VIDEO GAMES :D
Here's the seating arrangement for this thing. We had two matresses on the floor of Lea's bedroom. Lea and I sat on one matress leaning against the other watching the movie. Charlotte and Abbie lay behind us. While watching the movie, I looked behind me once. Mistake. They were totally making out! Right fucking behind us! I swear to God, this town has gone downhill. After the movie, Charlotte wanted to sit by Lea.
"Don't you want to snuggle?" she asked
"No," Lea said. "Wouldn't you rather snuggle with Abby anyways?"
"I don't know what you mean..."
"You know what I mean. You two were snuggling."
Yeah. Snuggling. I thought.
So Charlotte ended up sitting next to Lea, and Abby fell asleep while we watched Sweeny Todd. Another great film. Slitting throats and the like.
Lea sat next to me most of the movie, but she got tired near the end so she went next to Abby and lied down behind Charlotte and I. Then Charlotte and I made comments through out the film. Fun girl, that Charlotte.
After we were done, we woke up Lea for another movie.
"Put in Hairspray." she said, pointing to where the DVD was. It took like... five minutes to figure out where she was pointing. Finally, we started watching the movie.
Her'e's our schedual. At 8 or 9 we start watching The Exorcist. After that, we put in Resident Evil. After that, Sweeny Todd. Abby falls asleep in the begining. After Sweeny Todd, Lea fell asleep and Charlotte and I stay up till 7:30 watching Hairspray. We wake up at 9 and finish watching Hairspray.
Then Abby and Lea wake up. The night before, we were talking about walking to Wallgreens and getting energy drinks. I had no fucking clue where Wallgreens is here. Like... seriously. In the ghetto. I didn't want to walk in the middle of the night. I don't even like energy drinks! So we went to McDonald's in the morning. And then to the Dollar Store. And then Wallgreens. And now I know where everything is! But we got in trouble. Charlotte and Abby left and Lea and I watched Sweeny Todd again.


Wow, man. I wrote much more than intended. This is part one of my summer. My grandma came in saying it was almost 4 and I needed to get to bed. Dude it's only 3, but whatever. I am kinda tired now! Expect more of this tomorrow!!

Cousin Carlisle

Dude my cousin is SO FUCKING SCARY.
She sleep walks and stuff. So I was sitting here, minding my own business, talking to Mimi on Skype, at like 1 in the morning. She bolts upright in bed. The only way I can explain what she did next is.... hailing Hitler? She stuck our her arm and did this odd menuever, turned around and went to sleep.
Just now she got up, actually spoke to me, and then left the room. I'm not quite sure if she's really awake.
Oh so hai LJ. Been awhile. LJ Makes my computer freak out, so I haven't been on often. I'll try to do this more, because I have too much on my mind! 
Right now though, I"m tired.

Driven Home

I got driven home from school today because its' Emma's birthday. And the frickin' finch was tapping on my window when we got there and Emma said "What's that?" and pointed.
"Oh it's a finch," Jim replied. I snapped my head up. Not just a finch. The finch. My finch. Waiting for me. At my frickin' window. HE'S A STALKER.
"It must be Rachel's," Emma said in front of me. "Hay Rae, your finch is back," she repeated, as if I couldn't hear her from a foot away
"I know," I answered, gritting my teeth. "He's stalking me."
I got out of the car and went inside immediately, hoping not to be dive bombed. When I got in, at our front hall window was my finch. He followed me as if he, a finch, for Christ's sake, knew not only that I would appear in his sight, but the lay out of my house. He followed me to the window closest to my stairs and then was waiting for me, tap-tap-tapping away obediently at my window. I  sighed and yelled "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!" before Jim and Emma entered the building.
I know I'm making something out of nothing, but that's what artists do, so... shuddup. Anyways, to the one or two people who read this (yes, I mean you, Raivis) give me name ideas for my finchy! I would catch him, but he appears to have a mate. I think he's making a nest above my window like he did last year... its ridiculous. But I love him =)

And now I'm going to talk about something depressing.
My father is getting married.
Not that it's depressing, I suppose. Masako (the lucky gal) is really nice and from Japan so I might actually get to go there. But everytime someone brings up children... I get choked up.
At lunch one day, we were talking about my dad or Masako somehow and Shanice said, "Oh and then they're going to have a bunch of babies and they're going to be Japanese and--"
"Don't bring it up." I snapped. I didn't mean to snap, but I didn't want to start crying.
Then today in the car after dinner, we were talking about my graduation. "Why is my graduation more important than my birthday?" I asked, somewhat sarcastically.
"You're the oldest child," my mom said, "and as the oldest child, you have some responsibilities. You'll be the first one to graduate."
"Ah," I said, ready to make a point, "I'm only the oldest for you."
"No, you're on your dad's side as well" she rebuttled
And there I sat. Wanting to cry. "Not for long.."
I don't know why this topic is so difficult for me. But..... yeah....


I swear it's true! My own pet bird loves me so much that he'll call for me to wake up... even when I'm not home. Now, the yellow bird is back! Last summer, a little yellow finch kept tapping at my window. I love 'im but he's SO ANNOYING. Especially when I want to sleep in. I constantly hear tapping on glass! *sigh* Well, off to school


Weekend Update

Update time. I don't know why.
Ficus, I don't have anything to rant about. I can always think of good stuff to rant about during the day or night when I don't have access to a computer or a notebook or anything and then I think "I'll rant about that tomorrow" but I never get around to it. The moment has passed and I can't do much about it.
I'll talk about the weekend I suppose! 
[SPOILER ALERT] I went and saw the Wolverine movie with my father. It was nothing like I expected it to be. It was much better then I imagined. I thought it would go the way of the third X-Men movie and totally FAIL, but it did no such thing. Gambit and Cyclops were in it, which is great! I love Cyc! Probably because of my dad. I was really mad when they killed him off in the third movie. Gambit was... yay.... Awesome cards. In the beginning, I loved the Ryan Reynolds who played Dead Pool or whatever his name was (my dad told me... I forgot it though) But then they made him Weapon 11 and I got all pissed off. I thought it was pretty sweet how they cut his head off and stuff. On of my favorite parts was Logan being in the country with the elderly couple. That was hilarious. I love how he was messing around with his newly aquired Adamantium claws and accidently breaks their sink. And he's like "I swear I'll pay for it." and they just tell him to put it over there and sit down. Oh and when Weapon 11 was using Cyclops's power of lazer beams and he got his head cut off and then it was spinning around and totally demolishing the building.
After watching the movie, we shopped for a bit. We were already at the mall anyways. The movie theater there is just epic. Or astro or magical or whatever. It has like 20 theaters and a giant food place thing and an arcade. It's connected to the mall as well. So we went to one of my favorite stores, Vanity, and got two new hoodies! I saw a graduation dress at the mall that I REALLY want. It's white and has a black bow/band/whatever you call it thing around the middle and black lace at the bottom. I sound like such a girl.
Moving on
I read a book called "Kitty and the Midnight Hour." It was pretty good. Kinda pretty very adult in some parts, but if you skipped those over, the book was a solid 'B.' It's about werewolves and vampires and they really aren't my usual taste, but the book had it's merits.
Today I'm going to get a graduation dress and two language books, Russian and Japanese. I'm going to show the Japanese book to Japan so she can comment on it.
Bye for now!

Spring Cleaning

It's really not my forte. I'm the type of person who puts random stuff in random drawers. I have jewelry and "emo gloves" in the same box. In my pajama drawer, I have pajamas, make up, Christmas lights and scissors. It's so weird! So when my mom tells me to clean my room, usually I just stuff things in places.
My closet is a domain where no one wants to go. Instead of hanging up my clothes like a normal person, they're on the floor. Mostly because they are clothes that I'd rather donate than keep, but the bags break so then they're all over the place. That's another thing I have to do this summer.
Shit I'm Doing this Summer
-Chillin' with Raivis and Korea and Holly and maybe Shino
-Cleaning out my closet
-Apparently walking to the RiverPlex with Raivis
-Trying to learn Russian
-Trying to learn Japanese
-Drawing. A lot.
-Learn to sew
-Go over to Mimi's house and spend the night and then walk to the park at 5 in the morning. Cuz that was fun.
-Going to my grandma's some week in June and chillin' with my cousins there
And... probably some more stuff. Here's another list because I'm too lazy for sentences
Shit that I want. A lot.
-Blue Bamboo Fun tablet ($99)
-Rin/Len Vocaloid Synthesizer (over $150)
-Russia Cosplay (somewhere around $100)
-Luka Vocaloid Synthesizer (over $150)
- Blue DSi ($110 after I sell my old DS)
So thtat's what I'm saving up for. In order of priority. Unless my friends put their money together and get me the Russia cosplay or tablet. BUT I doubt they would. I mean, $100 just for that one annoying chick in our group, really?
I would redo SO many songs with Len singing them... I'm not exactly sure how Vocaloid works, but if it works the way I imagine it does, then you can put notes in and then Len or Rin or Luka or Meiko or Miku or whoever shall sing them for you. I should look it up.
Well I'm going to go draw some stuff.. and maybe watch some language videos on Youtube.
I really need to get my homework done though. China and I have a challange going and I don't want to loose so early in the week!